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Jun 15, 2008 - 10:30 AM - by Sharkboy

Welcome to The Freebie eXchange!

Freebie Trading is a legitimate work from home opportunity. If you just can't get past regarding freebies as a scam, or doubting whether or not they're real, we've really got nothing for you here. Go back to your iphone and play some more Angry Birds. Doing nothing is easy. But if you are ready to put in the effort to make some money at home,
come on in! (Its free)

This community has existed for over TEN years... and has over TWENTY THOUSAND members... because we already know freebies are real. We also know how to make regular money from home and get prizes through freebie sites. For many of us, we learned right here on The Freebie eXchange. See real Freebie Testimonials from real forum members that Freebie Trading is a legitimate way to make money at home.

We did this by painfully mastering an impossible technique... READING.

We're going to assume, from this point on, that you understand freebies aren't a scam...

This community will teach you how to get free stuff and make money at home by using "Freebie Sites".

On TFX you will find answers to any questions you have about freebies and getting referrals. You can find trusted, experienced traders to walk you from being new, to being armed with the tools you will need to make freebies work for you, whether you just want to get a prize from one site, or learn how to "trade" multiple sites and earn money on a daily basis!

In fact, we offer you MORE. On TFX you will be safe, and learn about freebies from people you can TRUST. We lay the freebie process out for you honestly and without any frills or false promises.

TFX has Referral Banks to help you get FREE REFERRALS. Here's what you need to do:

Step 1: Register for a free account on this forum.
Step 2: Join one or more of our Referral Banks.
Step 3: Get referrals randomly as other people join.
Step 4: Order your selected prize or cash reward!

Click the pic to register & get started!

What's the difference between The Freebie eXchange and other freebie forums?

All we want is to see you get help and succeed in freebies.
  • If you've just found freebies, learn all about them on TFX for FREE.


Did you know that you can use freebie sites to earn online income, every day?

Now you do. Freebie sites aren't just about getting free prizes! But maybe you are looking for that free prize. Are you looking to get a Christmas or birthday gift for cheap for that special someone in time for the holidays? Or maybe you just want the cash? The Freebie eXchange can help you reach your freebie goals.

You don't have to be a freebie trading guru to make money in freebies with TFX. You will find help here. ANYONE can do it!

The referral trading forums found inTFX Trade Central are your gateway to easy, realistic daily income! You can sign up to freebie sites for others... and get paid by them to do it!

Don't believe it's that simple? Have a look in our Proof Exchange forum to see for yourself. People make money every day through these forums!

Below is a 1099-k from one of TFX's forum members, he made nearly $30,000 in 2011 from working at home with freebies!

If you want to learn how to do this too, The Freebie eXchange is the safest place online to learn how.Give it a shot. Get registered, start reading & asking questions!

FACT #1:
Most Freebie forums and websites are ran by one person who is simply cashing in on your efforts by creating hype and deceiving you so they can profit.

The Freebie eXchange is not the most popular freebie forum. We aren't out to be the coolest or most popular referral trading forum, we are out to be the SAFEST and BEST. Nothing less.
We are a community that WORKS TOGETHER and HELPS EACH OTHER!

Visit our Freebie FAQ for more information on who we are, how we work, and how freebies work!

Freebie Site owners and representatives: Be sure to have a look at our Information Package to find out how to get your sub-forum up and running! TFX has one of the most unbiased and honest sub-forum placement processes of any freebie community online today!

Here on The Freebie eXchange, members help each other get referrals for the freebies they're after. It's just that simple.

As you probably already know, obtaining freebie referrals is much more difficult than it's made out to be. We're one of the few referral trading forums online that's dedicated to helping anyone and everyone get their freebie referrals faster, and pick up immense knowledge about the freebie industry along the way.

If you're new to freebies or unfamiliar with how they work, you may feel a little lost when first entering The Freebie eXchange. The best place to start is by checking out the menus and options in the top navigation bars of the site. There, you'll find a great Freebie FAQ, a guide to TFX, and many tutorials designed to help get you off on the right path in your quest for free stuff.

Learning the specifics and knowing how to play the freebie referral game well require patience, and a lot of reading. If you can manage it though, you'll find that this game really isn't that tough to play.

"Freebies are a scam!"

Not in the least. They just have many rules that need to be followed. Knowing and following these rules is the key to winning. Freebies are free, no-one ever said they would be easy! TFX is here to help with that. The Freebie eXchange is stoked with free information to get you started on the right foot and have you making money online in no time.

Registering for a membership on TFX is ALWAYS free. Members have access to all areas of the The Freebie eXchange. Once you're registered, introduce yourself! Post and ask questions often, and do your best to visit as much as you can and help us grow! As the community grows, the freebie referrals come in faster for everyone, so by helping us, you are helping yourself get those referrals you need!

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