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Default Tres.KoolFreebies Referral Bank
Tres.Kool Freebies Referral Bank

This referral bank is a GREAT way to get a quick cash-out. All you need is ONE REFERRAL and you can place an order for $30!

As well as this, when you complete your offer requirements and go "Green" as it's called, you get to keep that green forever and remain in the bank collecting as many referrals as you want, remaining in the bank no matter how many times you cash out!

All you have to do to join this bank is:

1. Click on the picture below and sign up to the site.
2. Complete your offer requirements and "go green".
3. Post a reply back here in this thread with the following:

  • The referral ID of the person you signed up under.
  • The email address you used to sign up with.
  • The offer(s) you completed in order to go green.
  • Your new referral link from the site, so we can add you to the banks.

Once your green has been confirmed as valid by the person you signed up under, your referral link will be added and you can start getting those one-referral cash-outs as more people join the bank!

Basic things you need to be sure of before you sign up:

  1. Do you have a valid Credit Card to complete offers with?
  2. Did you clear your browser cookies before clicking the sign-up picture?
  3. Did you sign up immediately after clicking the picture, without navigating away from the site you were directed to?

For more basics on how to sign up properly on a freebie site (if needed), refer to videos #2 and #3 from THESE VIDEO TUTORIALS.

Sign up by clicking the image below!

ID's currently in the Referral Bank:




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