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Old 09-24-2011, 06:10 AM   #91
this is a great idea!! thank you! helps me out loads! especially with me beeing new, so that i kinda havea a time frame for my offers so that im not bothering all people all the time asking why it hasnt gone through lol thanks!
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Old 10-07-2011, 09:56 AM   #92
Originally Posted by wrestler1991 View Post
nice idea there!!
Originally Posted by Nitro View Post
Savings circle: 2 hours
Frontier: 10 Minutes
Thanks guys I really appreciate you posting your crediting times. They have all been added in the new update
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Old 12-31-2011, 03:16 PM   #93
myhosting: +- 12hours
North Social: < 2 days
Pingo: <24hours

Will post more soon
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Old 01-15-2012, 06:25 AM   #94
well, I'm still waiting on Belisi's credit. Offer were made on 1/4/12 and MCR was made 1/12/12, You can add that to Belisi
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Old 02-18-2012, 02:46 AM   #95
Just want to say thank you for all of your efforts in putting this together. It had to of taken a significant amount of time and effort in doing so. I can only speak for myself but I am sure everyone who has seen this also really appreciates this information. Extremely helpful. Especially to us newbies.
Thank you.
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Old 04-03-2012, 09:46 AM   #96
I'm loving this list! But is it still current?
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Old 05-27-2012, 03:06 PM   #97
Here's my list of offers completed recently:
Privacy Guard, instant
Hydroxatone, instant
Great Fun, instant
Christie Brinkley, 1 (MCR)
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Old 06-01-2012, 09:07 PM   #98
Here are a few offers I completed an how long they took to credit: -- within 1 hour
Turning Art --, within 3 days
Identity Guard -- within 1 hour
Identity Lookout -- within 1 hour
Woodworkers Guild DVD -- within 1 hour
Cooking Pleasures Cooking Knife -- within 1 hour
Beezid -- with MCR, never
Chocolate Tasting Club -- within 2 days
Trascendent Innovations -- Beezid--I won an auction and it credited within 10 hours
WEN Hair Care -- didn't credit
Transcendent Innovations "B level offer" - instant effect - less than 12 hours
Transcendent Innovations -- Clean My Mac -- with missing credit request, 2 weeks and 4 days
Sportsmans Fillet Knife -- instantly

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Old 07-10-2012, 11:10 AM   #99
Onlingo was instant for me.
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Old 07-10-2012, 07:45 PM   #100
This is very helpful. I am glad I found this. Thanks!!!
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