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Default New Kool Freebies Policy does not support f ree greens, they are bad for you, they are bad for me, and bad for the entire freebie trading industry. If you find you do not want to do any offers for any reason, whether you don't have a credit card or none of the offers interest you, but still want to work toward a prize, all you have to do is refer one additional person, in lieu of your own green, to receive your prize. All other referrals thereafter will count towards your prize requirement and will remain green on the forever green sites. Should you choose this option just send in a support ticket with your intention to do so.

Example: A prize you wish to receive requires 2 valid referrals, but you don't want to do any offers, you may sign up un-referred and obtain 3 referrals in order to receive your prize for the first time.

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Good to know

I agree that f.ree g.reen are given out way too much these days...although in certain cases like being a veteran I appreciate when someone does it but mostly only when I already have someone lined up to green that site.

so I'm sure this policy will help out the industry
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I'm for whatever benefits the freebie industry. So if this is one way, I'm glad to hear it.
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LOL, I know a lot of f.ree green hogs myself, good policy Kool Freebies!

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Thank you, its good to see such positive feedback

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Originally Posted by Free Referral Jay View Post
Thank you, its good to see such positive feedback

Hello kitty!

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Thank you, its good to see such positive feedback
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Definitely agree with this and I love that picture LOL!!
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Sounds good (all the way around).

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So this "free" green policy is still in effect, and for all Kool Freebies sites?



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