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Transcendent Innovations (TRAINN) Free Referral Banks Free Referral Banks for Transcendent Innovations sites. Get free TRAINN referrals. TRAINN is one of the most well-known and oldest sites in freebies today, and is considered by some to be the cornerstone of the freebie industry. Sign-up and confirmation posts ONLY in this forum, please. All other posts will be moved without warning.

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Default FreeIphonePlus Free Referral Bank
FreeiPhonePlus (TRAINN) Free Referral Bank

Available Rewards on FreeiPhonePlus:

  • 64gb iPhone Plus - 12 Referrals
  • $400 Apple Giftcard - 10 Referrals
  • 16gb iPhone Plus - 10 Referrals
  • $400 CASH - 9 Referrals
  • 64gb iPhone 6 - 10 Referrals
  • 16gb iPhone 6 - 8 Referrals

Step 1: READ the Referral Bank Guide

Step 2: READ THIS POST, slowly and carefully.

Step 3: Sign up by clicking on the picture.

  • Don't forget to write down who you were referred by. When you click the picture you'll see a referral ID in the address bar of your browser. Write down the last set of numbers in that url.
  • If you're already signed up to this site, but want to get your link into this referral bank, STOP. You are in the wrong place. Go here: TFX Fire Escape

Step 4: Post back here when you are finished, and your offers are complete.

The information you need to post in this thread is as follows:

- The referral number of the person you signed up under.
- The email address you used to sign up with on the freebie site.
- The name of the offer you completed to go green.
- Your new referral link from your account on the freebie site.

Remember, any incorrect signups & posts will be removed, or ignored, so be sure you know what to do.

  • There are no special cases. It is up to you to do it right the first time. If you are not sure what to do even at this point, take your time and go read for awhile, these will always be here.
  • Once you are in a Referral Bank, If you don't use the forums (post) within a ten day period, you will be removed. If you don't respond when contacted by site staff via PM to confirm a sign-up through the referral Banks, you will be removed.
  • Do not post any email addresses in this thread that have signed up under you unless their owners have posted them FIRST. It is not considered ethical to post someone else's contact information publicly without their implied consent. If they never post in this thread, then consider it a free referral.

Go ahead and sign up by clicking on the picture below!

Clear your browser cookies before clicking this picture to sign up. Restart your browser if necessary and come back here. DO NOT navigate away from the TRAINN site once you have clicked the picture to sign up, you may sign up unreferred if you do, and will not qualify to get into the Referral Bank.

0 people have been removed from this Referral Bank as a result of being inactive on TFX. It's not the Referral Bank that's inactive, it's the people who join it, and we keep it clean for those who take the time to be here and support us!
To remain in the Referral Bank once you are in, you must be an active member of TFX, meaning you must USE the forums. Members who have not posted on the boards in ten days will be removed.

ID's that are already currently in the Referral Bank:





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How come I'm not showing in the referral bank????
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Originally Posted by bjam69 View Post
How come I'm not showing in the referral bank????
You have been reinstated so try to stay active please.
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hey are people still signing up under you for this?
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