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Talking KoolFreebies Massive Bonus November Promo
I am giving free money away all month on Paypal orders placed on the following KoolFreebies.com sites during the Month of November will receive a bonus as listed below.

KoolFreebies: 40%
Uno.KoolFreebies: 5%
Dos.KoolFreebies: 20%
Tres.KoolFreebies: 15%
Cuatro.KoolFreebies: 20%
Starter.KoolFreebies: 25%
Pro.KoolFreebies: 15%

User must submit a support ticket to opt in for November Promotion.

Also check out the TFX/KoolFreebies November Cross Promotion to get a free TFX trade thread sticky!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Big money for you! Come n get it



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