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Default Kool Freebies March/April Referral Race
From March 1st until April 30th a referral race will be held on the KoolFreebies.com Network. A minimum of 3 people must qualify to be a valid race and to qualify you must reach at least 3 points. All cash outs on the following KoolFreebies sites will be assigned a point value as follows.

KoolFreebies = .75 points
Uno.KoolFreebies = .25 points
Dos.KoolFreebies = .25 points
Tres.KoolFreebies = .5 points
Cuatro.KoolFreebies = 1 point
Starter.KoolFreebies = .25 points
Pro.KoolFreebies = 1 point

At the end of April, the person with the most points wins $200.

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Sounds good - I will try
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Great Hopefully I can get in on this.
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what a cool deal!

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Good to know. Thanks.
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Great promo, Jay, thanks! Hopefully I can join in too!
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