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Default How To Make Money Online - Cash For Referral
How To Make Money Online - Cash For Referral

So you are new and you just joined The Freebie eXchange, you probably came here for one of a couple of reasons. A) You need referrals B) You want free referrals C) You are looking for ways to make money online D) You want something for free. A & B are the most common reasons we hear from newbies walking in the door, but when it comes down to it, everybody is here to make extra money at home.

Well TFX is just that, a work at home forum. Our concentration is on a niche within the work at home realm called "freebies". Freebies are real and everybody can make money doing it with little effort. The term freebies is a pretty broad word. According to the definition of a freebie is "something given without charge or cost, as a ticket to a performance or sporting event or a free sample at a store." In the sense we use it, freebies is actually slang for an industry we know as "incentivized affiliate marketing." It is a full blown industry, it is not going away any time soon, and it definitely is not a scam. Yes there is money to be made, but it is legit industry and everybody wins.

Now this is where you come in. "If everybody wins and is making money, how do I get paid?"
You will find that we have several sections of TFX set up within TFX Trade Central. Within that is the trading area where 5 important sub-forums are located. (Cash For Referral, Referral For Referral, Referral For Other, GPT/PTC, & Looking To Complete For Cash). This is where the money making happens. The most popular forum is the Cash For Referral section and will be the focus of this post.

The Cash For Referral forum is where traders advertise the sites they have and how much cash they will pay you to be their referral on a Freebie site or otherwise known as an "Incentivized Freebie Website" (IFW). One blogger years ago coined this as "Method 1". Here you will find thread upon thread created by our Approved Traders listing all the sites they offer and how much they are offering to pay. What you as the new trader need to do is sift through this section and find a trader to work with. Freebie Trading does require at least two people (we refer to them as traders) to work. Anyway, what you want to do is find somebody within this section that looks like a good trader to work with. To make contact with a trader simply reply to that thread and they will respond back to you. Here you have two options, 1) you can ask for a specific site or 2) ask that the trader pick a good reputable one for you. Most traders will give you a starter site such as, which is an easy site that will only require minimal number of offers to complete. At this point the trader will give you their referral link and set the trade up in TFX's Trade Manager. You just follow that link and register (Always using truthful, accurate, and honest information...very important).

Ok so clear as mud? Great! Now to the making money online and getting paid part.
Once you go to the site that your trader gave you and register, you will be directed to an offers page. (Your trade partner should give you instructions on how to complete an offer) Once you complete your offer and get credit for it, come back to TFX and get paid! YAY! The trader that gave you your referral link will pay you, usually via paypal, a pre-agreed amount. This is the dollar amount that usually is posted on the trade thread in the Cash For Referral forum and this amount can vary greatly depending on the site. (TFX requires a minimum of $13 for every trade to qualify for TR (Trade Record) in the trade manager). Your trader will also post this amount in the Trade Manager. Once you confirm that your funds are received, go to the trade manager to mark your trade complete and leave feedback for your trader. (Again your trader will give instructions on how to do this).

Now you have completed your first trade on TFX and got paid! WOOHOO! Go to your paypal account and bask in your glory. You are officially an incentivized freebie trader. You will now be hooked and well on your way to starting your own freebie trading business online. Freebie trading can be a full time or part time venture. Some people pop in to do a couple trades to make a couple quick bucks to pay a bill coming up, or pay for a birthday gift; while others are logged in 24/7 and freebie trading is their only income. Either way, what you make of it is up to you. Freebies are real, freebies are not a scam. If you want to make money it will take time, it will take effort, we never said it would be easy. Free is good, but free isn't easy. Sitting back and doing nothing is never going to get you anywhere. Working at home is like a job, it still requires work. With that said, freebies won't make you rich, its not a get rich quick scheme, but you will make money. You can see the payments yourself by visiting the Proof Exchange. Good luck and may the greens be with you.

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Very nice post Jay. Simple, down to earth and very informative for new people coming in to this business.
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WOOT WOOT go Jay Go. lol

great post I like seeing things put in quite simple terms that everyone should be able to understand. I know I have troubling with things that are not soo simple lol
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Thanks again Jay for 'learning' me so much. Because I still get lost trying to navigate my way around the TFX site I copied a shortcut to this posting on my desktop.
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These are some very interesting reading and am willing to dedicate my time to achieve something worthwhile.
I will be making this my new goal
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Considering I don't know much about exchanging referrals, I found this post very informative. Thank you for the info, Jay!
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Wow! That was great information. Things are beginning to make more sense to now.

Thanks Alot!
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Great post Jay! I can really see myself helping a lot of parent friends work from home in this business, because of this forum. You guys have really made it a great place!
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Originally Posted by ashleigh View Post
Great post Jay! I can really see myself helping a lot of parent friends work from home in this business, because of this forum. You guys have really made it a great place!
Thanks! You have a TFX referral link, please feel free to pass it around
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Great post! Thank you. After reading the newbie rules you should direct newbies like me to this thread so we know what to do next.
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