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Default offer on TRAINN
Anyone have any information on how well this offer credits on TRAINN, and how long it takes to credit? Thanks!

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I did this offer when it requires you to do it with credit card only and it was green really fast for me.

hope this help
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I noticed that this post is over six months old, but I felt that I should reply anyway.

I was considering doing the MyScore offer on a TRAINN site and decided to do a little research first. What I found was interesting. Please read the excerpt from a review site that I found online below:

Our Review in a Nutshell

While offers basic credit report monitoring services (fulfilled by CSIdentity and TransUnion), we do not recommend them because we found it impossible to cancel a trial membership with their service once we enrolled. Additionally, they sell customer information to their partners and give users no way to opt out of this.

MyScore is operated by a mysterious company called Golden Scores, LLC, which is owned by an even more mysterious company (Linson & Associates, Inc) that nobody seems to know much about. We consider it a potential red flag when companies go to such lengths to hide their owners from the public.

We strongly advise customers to do their due diligence before engaging the services of this company.

CLICK HERE to read the full review article.

I hope that this helps for anyone considering this offer.
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