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Freebie School All the starting information you will ever need to get on your way with freebies. If you are new to freebies, and you've already read the Freebie FAQ, this forum is the next step for you! TFX will teach you how to make freebies make you money!

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Default Important Information For New Members

Welcome to The Freebie Exchange.

Please take a few minutes to this read over carefully as it contains some important information you should know. This only touches on some of the information that everyone needs to learn, but it will get you going on the correct path and give you a good idea on how to start and the steps to take.

Once Registered:

*When you registered with The Freebie Exchange, you received a Welcome message from Free Referral Jay. In this message you are told about that you have been assigned a Mentor that should be messaging you shortly and asked to *Read the Forum and Trade Rules*

*Your Mentor, who will be named for you in the Welcome message, is the only other person allowed to contact you on the forum at this time. This someone of value and you need to use this resource. They have worked hard and meet requirements to become Mentors and they will help you become successful in Freebies. If your Mentor is not available, you can go to the Trading Section of the Forum and seek out a Trusted Trader to work with.

Before You Start

*Reading the Rules of the Forum and Trading Rules is very important as they will keep you out of trouble, both on The Freebie Exchange and with any Freebie Site you choice to do. So please take the time to do this before you do anything else.

*No One, again No One, should be messaging you except your Mentor, unless you have started contact first. You do this by either messaging them first or posting in their Trading Thread. If anyone sends you a message without you contacting them first, you are to let staff know. The only exception to this would be a Staff member is messaging you considering account issues or problems on forum.

*In order to contact anyone of the forum, that is not your Mentor or a Staff member, you must make 5 posts on the Forum. This is easy to do as you make your first one when you do what is suggested by Free Referral Jay and go to the Newbie Exchange and make a Welcome Thread to let everyone know you are here. (This also lets us say Hello to you.) Once you have done this head over to the different sections in TFX Resources. Start reading some of the information located in these areas and post comments or questions about what you have read in that thread. In no time you will have the needed post count to send anyone on the Forum a Private Message (PM). (Post need to be of quality and pertain to the tread you are posting in.)

Before You Trade:

*Just because this is called Freebie Trading, Freebies, does not mean it is Free. You must have a bank issued credit or debit card to do these sites. A PayPal issued credit or debit card will also work. The Sponsors offering these products want to know that you are real have the means to pay for them after the trial period is over. Nothing in life is free and like all businesses, you have to spend money to make money.

*You cannot, under any terms, do an offer twice. This is very important and has brought many to a screeching halt before they even got really going. Please make sure you keep track of the offers you have completed, no matter if you got credit for them or not.

*You must meet the requirements to post a Trading Thread in order to trade your sites. You’re Mentor or the Trader you are working with will go over this with you.

Last But Not Least:

*Do not get overwhelmed and quit. This is easy to do if you get with your Mentor or a Trusted Trader and get help learning how to do it. There is a lot of information on this site and it does look very overwhelming and confusing. Read the Rules from above and some in the section that I have mentioned. When it gets to be too much, stop and get help. Everyone here will be glad to help you out; all you have to do is ask.

This is just some highlights of the important things you need to know. The most important thing: Get with someone so this is easy to understand and you do not get lost among the threads and post trying to figure it out and end up quitting. This is fun to do once you get started and can make you some money if done correctly.

Again Welcome to The Freebie Exchange forum.
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Thank You Cathy for Sharing. This is very helpful to Our Newbies. I remember when i start doing this like million years ago lol (long time ago), i try to do this on my own. I'm telling you all, it's a big mistake by me lol. I was overwhelmed and confused and almost give up (If i weren't a stubborn dude, i would have thrown in the towel). Anyways, i contacted my mentor and start picking her brains out. I was surprised how easy it is to do this. I earned my very first $70 that same day.

So, to all the member who read this thread, Please do not hesitate to ask questions. There are no stupid Questions. The Staffs and Traders here are very happy to answer it for you.

Thanks Again Cathy
***Not sure where to Start ?***
"One-on-One Mentoring"
"Earn while you Learn"
My Honor to Help "You" out! Check out my Thread & PM ME ANYTIME
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I was totally confused and overwhelmed
when I first started Freebie Trading 8 years ago.
So, I know how it feels.

I NEVER gave up and now this is my full time business. As said above, I too wanted to quit many times, but could see the "Big Picture" and knew that I would have to invest some time and money, as this is a REAL Business.

It really is so important to ask questions and get some good help to ensure you will become a successful trader. So, contact that Mentor or a Trusted Trader and get started on the right path.

CALL 573-732-4054 or SEND ME A PM--> HERE!!
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i understand right now. thanks for this useful information!
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Everyone should read this as it seems there are some people do not understand the first contact rule. Take a few minutes to read and make sure you understand before doing anything else.
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Talking Thanks Cathy!
Thanks for these words of guidance in point form. I'm getting a better sense of how TFX functions. As a total Newbie I really appreciate your straight forward style.
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