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I have this posted somewhere else too, but let's stick it in here:

Here are some sister sites to watch for when doing offers so you do not do too many at once, it is tempting they are great, and get locked out of the offer. So spread these out:

I/M/P has all of these(straight off their site):

Wildlife Explorer
Gardening Made Easy
Great American Recipes
Great American Home Baking
Elmo's Learning Adventure

Early Moments has these (again off their page)

Dr Seuss--any stage
Baby Einstein
Disney Reading
Hooked On Phonics
Cat In The Cat Learning Library
Disney Ornaments

Cooking Pleasure (think someone posted this just re posting)

Santoku Knife/knives
10" skillet
Cooking Essential Cookbook

NMG/Scout (again think someone else posted just re posting)

North American Hunting Club
North American Fishing Club
National Home Gardening Club
Handyman Club of America
Cooking Club of America

Hope this helps.

Happy Trading
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I have windows 8 and they didn't include excel at best buy X-D what else could I use for a spread sheet to keep track of these sites?

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OpenOffice 4.1.0 is very similar to the Windows Open office suite and has a Spreed sheet program in it. I was using it until I upgraded desktops and got the Windows Office programs. Openoffice is a free download from the internet and many good download sites.
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What about creditreport.com and myscore.com.... are they related or are we able to do both???
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Originally Posted by NavyWifey View Post
What about creditreport.com and myscore.com.... are they related or are we able to do both???

They are related in the fact they are both credit report offers. CreditReport.com is from Experian while MyScore uses TransUnion. You are able to do both, but I would not do both on the same site.

CreditReport.com and Protect My ID are the same as are MyScore and Profinity. So can only do one of these each.
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Default Updated List of Sister Offers
These are “Sister offers”. This means that the offers are from the same company. They are grouped together. The company name is not listed this time so this could be put out faster. If the offer is in the same group, it is better to be safe than sorry and only do one of them.

***By no means is this a complete list—if you know of others, please list below or let me know and I will update.***

Dr Seuss--any stage
Baby Einstein
Disney Reading/DVD
Hooked On Phonics
Cat In The Cat Learning Library
Disney Ornaments

Protect My ID


Freester PC Tech Support
Freester Roadside Care
Freester Coupon


Lotto by Text
Lotto Social

ZoomBucks VIP - Swarovski Earrings
ZoomBucks VIP - Gillette Razors
ZoomBucks VIP - Best Buy Card

Balagana (ES) - Streaming Survey
Balagana (ES) - Win iPhone 4S
Balagana (NO) - Love Test

Any of the magazine offers—watch them for who the parent company is.
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