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Default REMINDER: Proof Posts (Newbie Read)
This is just a reminder to newbies who join the forum. The proof pics that are posted on here are not what the trader actually made. They are what they were paid by the freebie network before they paid their referral for completing the trade.

So if you see a proof post that states that someone was paid $40 by the network they probably paid their referral 75% of that (or $30) to do the site for them, therefore only netting them $10.

Also the traders that are paying, pay taxes on all the money that they make through the freebie sites, not just what they net, if it is an amount over $600 on a specific network.
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Good information to know. Once we reach $600 or more do we get a 1099 or w9 form.
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Originally Posted by Dtoss801 View Post
Good information to know. Once we reach $600 or more do we get a 1099 or w9 form.

Some of the networks will send you a tax form ONCE you have reached the $600 Mark. Just make sure you read all Terms and Conditions because it will state in there if they provide one or not and what the "cut off" mark is.
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