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General Site Rules and Guidelines This forum is essential reading for all The Freebie eXchange members. Everything you need to know about The Freebie eXchange can be found in here. TFX wants to help you get referrals, get free stuff, and make money, but please follow our rules. Please make a point of looking it's contents over.

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Default TFX Guide
TFX Guide

This step-by-step guide is here to help you get past the initial hurdles of the forum and get on your way as fast as possible.

Take the time to go through it, it will help you.
Your freebies aren't going anywhere!

Step 1. General Site Rules & Guidelines / Trading Rules. Seriously mandatory reading. The guide you are reading right now is found in this forum also, BUT:
  • If you don't know much about freebies yet, check this out before you dig into the rules of TFX, it will help you understand what you're reading just a little better: Starting Terms for the Ultra-Newbie
  • Skeptical about freebies or frustrated/in a hurry for referrals? Read this thread and move a little closer toward "freebie enlightenment" before you get started: Why Freebies Just SUCK.

Step 2. Introduce yourself! Let us know how you found us (right here), get to know us and ask questions. We're all here to help each other!
  • The Newbie Exchange is the forum where you can introduce yourself. The TFX Resources forums are great places to start posting, too. Especially if you have questions!
  • You won't be able to contact anyone other than your Personal Guide or TFX staff via private messaging system until you have made at least 5 posts on the forums.
  • Nonsense or irrelevant posts/replies in threads will get deleted, and will get you spanked! Don't go down this road. We're here to help you, make your posts count and get to know us, we don't bite!
  • If you're here to get trading, remember that other members are never allowed to contact you until you let them know you've looked at their trade thread and are interested in trading. If you can't send a trader a PM just yet, just reply in their trade thread and they will contact you, this is ok!
  • If someone does message you about a trade and you didn't ask them to, hit the "Report PM" button in the upper right-hand corner of the message and we will deal with them. We take spam very seriously!

Step 3. Starter Reward Packages. Whether you are just looking for "refs" or you want to become a power-trader, TFX has a DIRECT line of action that you can work through and gain forum perks, special access and rewards as you do!
  • You can read about the Reward Packages in detail by visiting this page.
  • You are encouraged to contact a "Trusted Trader" for any and all help you may need with either these packages, or anything else that's on your mind.

Step 4.
The almighty Referral Banks. If you're here for free referrals you will want to get into one or more of them, yes? Here are your options:
  • If you don't get how they work yet, visit these links in order and you'll understand in no time: FAQ: Referral Banks - Welcome to the Referral Banks - Referral Bank Guide
  • If you know how they work already (or you're just too "cool" to read) you can find the banks right here and get started: TFX Free Referral "Referral Banks"
  • TIP: Most of you come here looking to complete a TRAINN site. However... on TFX, we have Referral Banks for other sites that you can join... and make money on your very first referral. One-referral, forever-green cash-out banks. You sign up through them and remain in, collecting as many referrals as you like and cashing out over and over! Unlike the TRAINN banks, you don't have to wait for X amount of referrals to come in. Be sure and give all the banks a good look, they're a lot funner than you think!

Step 5. TFX Trade Central. Whether it's finding a mentor to teach you one-on-one how to make daily income through trading, or just finding someone to trade referrals with to get your freebie, this is the section for you want to check out.
  • Look for traders with a "Trusted Trader" badge below their name to work with first. Stay safe! You can see which TT's are the most active down at the bottom of the main forum index page in the "What's Going On" area!
  • To post your own trade thread, you need a positive Trade Record (TR) of 2+ and a post-count of 50+ on our forums. You can do this easily within one or two days by making money with an experienced trader and just hanging out and talking on the forums!

Step 6. Explore! TFX puts an absolute wealth of information at your disposal, along with some pretty fun things to do while you're waiting for those referrals to come in. Here are some other areas you might find interesting to check out in your spare time:
  • Proof Exchange - Are you a skeptic? Let's cure you.
  • Freebie School - Tutorials and reading for the freebie beginner. Always a good stop if you're new.
  • Freebie FAQ - Highly doubtful there's a question you have that isn't answered already in here.
  • Resource Exchange - Tips and tricks from other freebie-seekers and answers to an insane amount of questions.
  • Offer Exchange - Information and experiences posted by others who have done offers on freebie sites.
  • Forum Staff and Site Reps - This page shows you who tends the forums, and lists every freebie site owner and rep that uses and supports The Freebie eXchange!
  • Freebie Site Sub-Forums - Yes, site owners and reps do talk to us regular folk! Find site promos and get the latest industry news in this section and... you guessed it... more proof.
  • Support TFX - TONS of easy things you can do help us grow. A growing forum gets you on your way to success even faster!
  • TFX Playground - Off-topic forums for you to waste your time in!
  • The Heated Exchange - 18+ only can see this forum. Debate forum for current social/political/moral issues. Careful, this forum can carry strong language and views, and isn't for everyone!
  • Forum Games - Just about every forum posting game imaginable!
  • Arcade - Well over 300 video games. Become the Arcade Champion!
  • Casino - You earn virtual currency called TFXCredits when you post and use the forums. This is one of the ways you can waste them!
Remember, The Freebie eXchange isn't just another "freebie website". We're a living community filled with real people who are all after the same thing you are. Have fun, make some friends, make money... but most of all, enjoy yourself! Freebies are fun! We'll see you out there!
FREEBIE FAQ: If you have a question about TFX or freebies, the answer is here.

TFX GUIDE: Run through this and you will know your way around.

TFX RULES: Of course.

FREE REFERRAL BANKS: Need refs? Sign up

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